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Polluting Your Family Every Day-And It’s Time For Change!

In ecology, energy, environment, family, Health, medicine, Obama, politics, society on April 29, 2011 at 6:56 pm
   A recent column in HuffPost  regarding Climate Change by Peter Glieck caught my attention. 
   While I believe there may be substance to Climate Change-in certain areas, under certain circumstances and reflective of man-made activities, as well as nature’s, I think there is a much larger, further point. to be offered.  
   We as an ecology-the human race- must establish the goal of “Zero Sum Pollution” meaning that business, commercial, government or even personal operations must not be allowed to pollute land, air or water. We must instead establish end-to-end recycling and reclamation to highest value end usage, while any discharges are net zero additions to the environment, whether through filtering, recycling, or treatment, simply restoring  to original condition any air, water or other intakes in the process.
   In addition, the cumulative evidence of chemical additions to food, while amounts in each individual serving are, in isolation, not “harmful,” the cumulative totals of ALL the additions to ALL the products we ingest is substantive, and history will prove that they are the cause, along with interaction with the environment, of much disease and generational accumulation of lowered thresholds of disease.  Cancer, autism  and hundreds, if not thousands, of diseases and the whole host of modern medical conditions are the result.  
   It makes little difference if we continue to develop treatments, since the number of conditions and the number of people who have them-a larger percentage in each generation-grows faster than the  treatment/cure rate, a cliff if there ever was one, and our momentum is increasing as we approach the edge.
   Include the passing of susceptibility  to the cumulative total range of pollution and environmentally-caused diseases through DNA changes from generation to generation, and realize that if we stopped pollution today, it would still take generations to reflect the “cure.”
   Nature and evolution can’t solve this problem the usual way-through “natural selection” that constantly seeks to improve the species over many generations-can’t even keep up with humanity’s assault on our ecology through  pollution. If anything, Nature is doing what  Nature does, trying to “select out” humanity through disease, perhaps seeking to cure overpopulation, certainly trying to stop the pollution caused by it. 
   As I see it, Nature is winning.
You can endlessly argue that Climate Change is a manifestation caused by human activity; you can’t argue that the results of modern society don’t argue in favor of doing more of the same, but do ask for finding ways to “zero out” our  effects on the world’s ecology.